Kerala lawyer ballistic tests on Marines

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04/10/2012 INDIA - ITALY
Kerala lawyer: ballistic tests on Marines' weapons "irrefutable proof"
According to the report of the Forensic Sciences Laboratory in Trivandrum, the bullets extracted from the bodies of two fishermen in India correspond to two Beretta rifles found on board the Enrica Lexie. Vincent Panikulangara, High Court of Kerala: "We must wait for the judgment on jurisdiction."
Kochi (AsiaNews) - "The report of the Forensic Sciences Laboratory is conclusive proof", says Kerala High Court lawyer Vincent Panikulangara to AsiaNews, commenting on the results of a ballistic examination on the weapons seized from the Enrica Lexie, that the...

04/10/2012 INDIA
Priest beaten, insulted and threatened with death during Easter in Orissa
by Nirmala Carvalho
A group of Hindus attack Fr Sisirakant Sbhanayak, parish priest in Sukananda (Kandhamal District) on four occasions during Holy Week. The attackers wanted to destroy a path that leads to a Lourdes Grotto attached to the local church. During anti-Christian pogroms in 2008, the church was demolished together with the home of the Sisters of Mother Teresa.
04/05/2012 INDIA - ITALY
Bishop of Orissa: We pray for a soon and safe release of Maoist hostages 
by Nirmala Carvalho
Bishop John Barwa, archbishop of Cuttack-Bhubaneshwar: "In this Holy Week, the Lord's peace, truth and justice must prevail." Today the State Government should release 23 prisoners in exchange for the release of Paolo Bosusco and Indian Parliamentarian Jhina Hikaka. Among prisoners, 15 are part of an organization of workers and peasants suspected of links with the Maoists.

04/05/2012 ASIA
Asian stocks down: fears for European debt, while oil rises
Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong lost at least 1%. Shanghai also drops, because of the state banks, hit by Wen Jiabao’s "no" to their monopoly. Federal Reserve reluctant to new stimulus measures.
04/04/2012 INDIA
India "rents" first nuclear submarine from Russia 
The K-152 Nerpa, renamed Chakra Ins II, will cost New Delhi about one billion dollars over the next 10 years. The submarine will not carry nuclear weapons but will carry cruise missiles. Meanwhile, New Delhi’s first nuclear submarine, the Arihant operative next year.
04/02/2012 INDIA - ITALY
Kerala, Christian lawyer: Let justice take its course in marines' case. We are a democratic country
Kerala High Court decides for another 14 days judicial custody. Hearing postponed. According to Vincent Panikulangara, a Lawyer at Kerala High Court and the Supreme Court of India, "what is happening falls into the usual procedures of our criminal code." He states: "India is a democratic country that loves Italy and its people."
04/02/2012 ASIA
The courage to wish for a happy Easter
by Bernardo Cervellera
Syria and the Christians; Afghanistan and women, Orissa and the Maoists, China and the power struggles, Vietnam against the Vatican: the horizon of Asia and the world looks very bleak. Easter is not the chocolate egg or exaltation of the suffering of the vanquished: it is God who allowed himself be crucified to destroy evil and to rise again victorious. On the night of Easter many in Asia will become Christians because they understood that Jesus Christ is the strongest.
04/01/2012 VATICAN
Pope: As Holy Week begins we ask ourselves, who is Jesus of Nazareth
Benedict XVI celebrates the rite of Palm Sunday, which begins Holy Week and coincides with the 27th World Youth Day. Receive from Christ " a look of blessing: a wise and loving look, capable of grasping the world’s beauty and having compassion on its fragility ", because God does not feel "disgust" for any of the things he has created. To the young: Palm Sunday is "the day of decision, the decision to welcome the Lord and follow him to the very end", as did St. Clare, for whom we mark the 800th anniversary of her conversion and consecration. "Praise", "thanks" and "prayer" to "be in profound communion of love with Christ who suffered, died and rose again for us."
Indian Christians against the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, who wants to eliminate all churches 
The appeal of the All India Christian Council (AICC) to the Indian government. In Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region home to many Indian and Filipino Christians who suffer violence and discrimination. The mufti's words contrary to United Nations Charter.
03/30/2012 INDIA
Karnataka: Protestant clergyman risks jail, attack against him seventh case in 2012 
by Nirmala Carvalho
Hindu nationalists from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) beat Rev Mallikarjun Sangalada and four of his parishioners, after accusing him of engaging in forced conversions. The five victims were coming home from a prayer meeting. The pastor has been the head of a community of 35 members for the past two years.
03/30/2012 BANGLADESH
Conversion to Christ in Bangladesh: marriages, social dissatisfaction and the search for God
by Maria Gomes
Changing from one religion to another is a complex process where often material and spiritual interests are confused. Islam is the state religion, but the constitution guarantees freedom of religion and the conversions are generally accepted. Legal pressures for Muslims who convert to Christianity. Among the tribal at least 10 years of catechumenate, to ensure genuine conversion.

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03/30/2012 INDIA - ASIA
Emerging countries (BRICS) demand greater representation: an alternative to the Bank World Bank
03/29/2012 INDIA
Gujarat, allegations of forced conversions of First Communion 32 children by Nirmala Carvalho
03/28/2012 INDIA - ITALY
Orissa: unfulfilled deals between government and Maoists behind abductions by Santosh Digal
03/28/2012 INDIA
Shafi Behelim, a Muslim, will be baptized at the Easter Vigil by Shafi Behelim
03/27/2012 INDIA - VATICAN
Indian communists criticize Benedict XVI on the end of Marxism by Nirmala Carvalho
03/26/2012 INDIA - ITALY
Orissa: government and Maoists resume talks for Paolo Bosusco's release
03/26/2012 INDIA
Day for Life in India: woman burnt alive by her husband for giving birth to two girlsby Nirmala Carvalho
03/24/2012 INDIA - ITALY
Orissa, 50 Maoists kidnap an Indian Parliamentary
03/23/2012 INDIA - EL SALVADOR
New Delhi: Way of the Cross for Msgr. Romero, against Indian corruption by Nirmala Carvalho
03/22/2012 INDIA - ITALY 
Bishop of Orissa: India does not hate foreigners. Sorrow for kidnapped Italians by Nirmala Carvalho
03/21/2012 INDIA
Tamil Nadu: 200 people arrested, including a priest, in anti-nuclear protest
03/21/2012 INDIA - ITALY
Sisters of Mother Teresa call on Maoists to free the two Italians by Nirmala Carvalho

» 06/11/2010 22:18
Orissa: more anti-Christian persecution
by Nirmala Carvalho 
A group of Hindus torture young Christian man. Using violence, they drag him to a Hindu temple, where they “re-convert” him. Police charge five of six attackers, but without taking them into custody. Christian activist believes that “hidden interests” are behind incidents of this type.

Bhubaneswar (AsiaNews) – Even if peace is slowly returning to the District of Kandhamal, the State of Orissa continues to be the scene of anti-Christian violence. A young Christian was recently beaten, tortured and dragged into the middle of his village, where his tormentors forced him to undergo a ceremony of reconversion to Hinduism.

The incident, which occurred last Tuesday in the District of Nuapada, saw six Hindu extremists attack a 19-year-old man, Bhakta Bivar, at his home. They ransacked the house, seriously injured him but did not carry out their plan to kill him and his entire family because Bhakta’s parents, Neheru and Budhabari Bivar, were not at home.
During their rampage, the hooligans took away four Bibles. Before dragging the young man out, they also tortured him. On their way to the local Hindu temple, they beat him. Inside the building, amid kicks, slaps and insults, they “re-converted” him to Hinduism.
Local police moved in the day after. Superintendant Bibek Rath arrested five of the six assailants, Siba Prasad Jha (22), Bijoy Punji (20), Samita Patra (23), Girish Panda (23) and Jasobanta Ada (20), and charged them. Then, he let them go.
Sajan K George, national president of the Global Council of Indian Christians, toldAsiaNews that the kind of violence is not random.
“There are hidden interests behind the threats and violence against the Christian community in Orissa. Just as the community was slowly learning to live a normal life again after the 2008 pogroms, we get this kind of violence.”
(Santosh Digal contributed reporting for this article)

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08/21/2009 INDIA
A year since the anti-Christian pogrom, our strength lies in the cross of Christ, Orissa bishop says
by Raphael Cheenath
12/24/2009 INDIA
Peace and forgiveness, two sides of Christmas among Orissa Christians
by Ajay Kumar Singh
09/03/2010 INDIA
More than 4,000 Christians victims of abuses and forced conversions in Orissa
by Santosh Digal
08/28/2008 INDIA
Orissa: killing Christians to stop Tribals and Dalits from developing and achieving dignity
by P. Augustine Kanjamala, Svd
08/16/2011 INDIA
Orissa: more fears about radical Hindu violence on 23 August

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    adesso: Dio va nel negozio dell'idolatria ad acquistare qualcosa? lui ha detto: "sono così ripugnanti: che io ho dato:""perfino: delle leggi non buone... per i quali non potevano vivere!"" .. come a dire? tu vai a fare in culo!

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    NON È LETTERALE. L'Haydock (che usa molte fonti patristiche) lo spiega chiaramente. "diedi loro precetti nocivi" deve essere inteso "permisi che acquisissero i precetti nocivi dell'idolatria".

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    The United States of America was never truly "founded" as much as it was declared independent from the Kingdom of Great Britain on July 4, 1776.

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    INDIA 04/10/2012 15:58. Priest beaten, insulted and threatened with death during Easter in Orissa. by Nirmala Carvalho. A group of Hindus attack Fr Sisirakant Sbhanayak, parish priest in Sukananda (Kandhamal District) on four occasions during Holy Week. The attackers wanted to destroy a path that leads to a Lourdes Grotto attached to the local church. During anti-Christian pogroms in 2008, the church was demolished together with the home of the Sisters of Mother Teresa.

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    INDIA 04/10/2012 Bhubaneshwar (AsiaNews) - "They tried to kill me. They beat me, insulted me, and threatened to kill me," said Fr Sisirakant Sbhanayak, a Catholic priest in Sukananda village, in Orissa's Kandhamal District. He was speaking about attacks he suffered during Holy Week. According to the preliminary results of an investigation by G-Udaygiri police, members of Hindu ultranationalist groups tried to disrupt Easter celebrations at the Mary Mother of God Parish. To prevent incidents, the police set up a tight security detail around the church on Easter Sunday.

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    INDIA 04/10/2012 The story began on 29 March, when Manoj Nayak and Rabindra Nayak as well as others began destroying the path that leads to the church's Marian grotto. "I told them to stop and they did," Fr Sisirakant said. However, "they came back the next day with excavating equipment. I told them again not to destroy the path, but this time Manoj and the others started to insult me using filthy language. Deepak Nayak later grabbed me by the neck, hitting me with his fists and threatened to kill me."

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    INDIA 04/10/2012 If that was not enough. On 4 April, Manoj Nayak ambushed the priest as he made his way to G. Udaygiri and beat him. Two days later, Rabindra Nayak threatened to kill him. Fr Sisirakant has been parish priest in Sukananda since 2010. The Mary Mother of God Church has existed for more than 90 years and is part of the Diocese of Cuttack-Bhubaneshwar. During anti-Christian violence in Kandhamal in 2008, the church building, the priest's residence and the home of the Missionaries of Charity were looted and set on fire.

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    LaVeraDottrina -- ti stai arrampicando sugli specchi

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    Christopher Columbus discovered America, dumbass.

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    NON DICE "I MIEI PRECETTI NOCIVI" BUGIARDO!!!!!!. Dice (Ezechiele 20:25): "E dovetti giungere al punto di dare ad essi statuti nocivi, e leggi per cui non potevano vivere." Ezechiele 20:25 NON È LETTERALE: quando dice che Dio ha dato loro precetti nocivi significa che Dio ha PERMESSO che loro acquisissero i precetti nocivi dell'idolatria. Lo permise per giusta punizione. Non tutti i passaggi biblici sono letterali. Non lo sapevi ? Ignorante tre volte e bugiardo cinque volte.

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    my country primitive? it was he who founded America: dickhead! Christopher Columbus: tells you something? il mio paese primitivo? è proprio lui che ha fondato l'America: testa di cazzo! Cristoforo Colombo: ti dice qualcosa?

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    non ha detto i precetti dell'idolatria: ha detto i miei precetti cattivi: "io diedi loro"

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    Ezekiel 20:25-26 -> then: it is: so infallible that God has said: 1. "I gave them, the laws: that are not good" and: "I have contaminated through: their sacrifices themselves": 3. "because: they could not: to live spiritually" .. because without universal love? It is not possible to approach God simply because God created all things .. while: is this: that it has been demonstrated: widely .. all Jews are racists and: the evil like you: for to have written, even the Talmud:of the IMF!

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    EZECHIELE 20:25 NON È LETTERALE! SOMARO. Quando é scritto che Dio diede loro precetti nocivi, vuol dire che ha PERMESSO che loro cadessero nell'idolatria e che acquisissero i precetti malvagi dell'idolatria. Quando Dio permette al diavolo di sedurre le anime (come punizione per gli uomini) questo non significa che Dio sia alleato del diavolo. Dio punisce con i mezzi che vuole. SOMARO DUE VOLTE.

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    CIA freemansory Satanists SynneK1 666 322 IMF FED ECB NWO Talmud Kabbalah -> just you: you have done: all this evil against: youtube! only because: ye are those gay who can not stop a man only: unius REI! because a world that burns in the 3 rd WW nuclear? can not be in anyone's interest: not: satanists! only: the mentally ill: can hope: something from a 3 ° WWnuclear: .. and then, with unius REI: in action: in business? What could happen: good: for you and your kingdom, "the synagogue of Satan" anyway? you must hide yourself in the shadow of the sewer: waiting for: your time! This is my time only! if you do the good guys? I will not kill you!

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    Ezechiele 20:25-26--> allora: è proprio: in modo infallibile: che: Dio ha detto: 1. "diedi loro delle leggi non buone" e: io" li ho contaminati: attraverso: i loro stessi sacrifici": 3. "perché non potessero vivere".. perché senza amore universale? non è possibile accostarsi a Dio: semplicemente perché lui ha creato tutte le cose.. mentre: è questo: che è stato dimostrato.. tutti gli ebrei sono razzisti e malvagi come te: per avere scritto anche il Talmud del FMI!

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    Scrive in inglese!

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    Infatti la Bibbia non contiene versetti del Talmud. Semplicemente tu non capisci ció che la Bibbia dice. Questo é un tuo problema.

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    Dio ha dato la Bibbia: non ha dato i versetti nocivi del Talmud

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    Ezechiele 20:25 non ha un senso letterale come ti ho spiegato (esegesi dell'Haydock 1859 e della Bibbia con imprimatur nel 1958). Quando é scritto che Dio "ha dato loro precetti nocivi" vuol dire "Dio ha permesso che divenissero idolatri e che di conseguenza acquisissero precetti malvagi". Infatti quando Dio permette al demonio di agire (come punizione per gli uomini) non significa che Dio sia malvagio. Seguendo la tua logica perversa bisognerebbe concludere che 1) Dio é bugiardo malvagio; oppure che 2) la Bibbia contiene errore. Entrambe queste conclusioni sono ABOMINEVOLI E FALSE. Quindi la tua posizione é falsa. Infatti é dogma che la Bibbia é la infallibile Parola di Dio.

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    Cristo, che è risorto dai morti, brilla in questo mondo, e lo fa nel modo più chiaro proprio là dove secondo il giudizio umano tutto sembra cupo e privo di speranza. Egli ha vinto la morte - Egli vive - e la fede in Lui penetra come una piccola luce tutto ciò che è buio e minaccioso.. Benedetto XVI.. AsiaNews augura a tutti gli amici e lettori una buona Pasqua 2012

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    tu sei immorale: ed ovviamente disonesto intellettualmente: come tutti gli uomini religiosi: devi sempre trovare una pezza sporca: come pezza: di appoggio! tu non puoi deformare il senso oggettivo di quel versetto: di: Ezechiele 20,25