332 prophecy fulfilled by Jesus of Bethlehem AWESOME

[the mystery of iniquity] @ IsraelNationalTV - rather, the issue of Kabbalah is not that it is not science or not has a scientific method .. Kabbalah is pure luciferism it is the synagogue of Satan! They know very well that Jesus is the true Messiah born in Bethlehem, but they chose to be for Satan, from the time of the Exodus from Egypt! So they betrayed YHWH before the deportation to Babylon! have denied the love and virtue! they were consecrated to Satanin the breast womb! they are the curse of the world and the destruction of the hope of Israel, the rabbis as Ovadia Rochefeller Rothschild ecc..? are the masters of the IMF-World Order? they are the synagogue of Satan true here because you are all going to die again, once more holocaust Shoah war nuclear, ecc.. ! but, you are complicit in all this once again!
[il mistero dell'iniquità] @ IsraelNationalTV-- piuttosto il problema della kabbalah non è quello che non è scienza o che non ha un metodo scientifico.. kabbalah è puro luciderismo è la sinagoga di satana! Loro sanno molto bene che Gesù di Betlemme è il vero Messia ma hanno scelto di essere per satana dal tempo dell'Esodo dall'Egitto! Quindi loro hanno tradito JHWH prima della deportazione in Babilonia? hanno rifiutato l'amore e la virtù! loro erano i consacrati a satana! loro sono la maledizione del mondo e la distruzione della speranza di Israele i rabbini Ovadia Rothscild Rochefeller? i padroni del FMI-NWO? loro sono la vera sinagoga di satana ecco perché voi state tutti per morire di nuovo ancora una volta poiché voi siete i complici di tutto questo ancora una volta!
@ YHWH --- yet? they are killed as big fat pigs! these Masons pigs descend into the abyss of the hell, all of them they are like big stones that go down into the sea abyss! is evident .. we must kill more, more, more people still! @JHWH --- eppure? loro vengono abbattuti come grossi porci grassi! questi massoni maiali scendono nell'abisso dell'inferno tutti loro sono come sassi che scendono in fondo al mare! è evidente.. noi dobbiamo uccidere più persone!
[| Quickly passes the scenes of this world. Time is short. |] @ IsraelNationalTV I am immortal, because, since the sin can not harm to metaphysical man, like me! but, for the law and to humiliate myself, I went to confess alone by Priest to my friend one who I need in the church every Sunday, that he is so young, That Would Be, my son ..... I am immortal, because, sin can not harm a man metaphysical like me! but, for the law and to humiliate myself, I went to confess to my friend priest to him that I serve the Mass, as acolyte Sundays that he is so young, that would be my son.
[I am immortal] Luke 12.15] He said to them "Beware, and stay far away from all greed, for though one it is in abundance his life not dependent from his labor." Luke 6.9] Then Jesus said to them "I ask you is it on the day Sabbath you can to do good either do harm?, to save life or destroy it?". Luke 9.24] Who will save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me, sake will save, [25] What good is it to man to gain the whole world, then if, you are lose your soul, or forfeits himself in the hell?
[I am immortal] Giovanni3, 34] because one, that God sent [Unius Rei] speaks the words of God, and gives the Holy Spirit without measure. [35] The Father loves the Son and has given him in everything by hand. [36] those who believe in the Son has eternal life, and whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him. " [io sono immortale]Giovanni3,34]Infatti colui che Dio ha mandato[Unius Rei] proferisce le parole di Dio e dá lo Spirito senza misura.[35]Il Padre ama il Figlio e gli ha dato in mano ogni cosa.[36]Chi crede nel Figlio ha la vita eterna; chi non obbedisce al Figlio non vedrà la vita, ma l'ira di Dio incombe su di lui».
[I am immortal] John chapter 3,14] as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must be lifted up the Son of man, [15] because whoever believes in him may have eternal life ". [16] for God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. [17] God will not has sent the Son in the world to condemn the world, but, because the world might be saved through him. [18] Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but those who do not believe it is condemned already, why not he believed in the name of the only Son of God [19] And this is the verdict the light came into the world, but people preferred the darkness to light, because their works were evil .-- if the Kabbalah was a real science? they would have discovered that Jesus of Bethlehem is the true Messiah!
[io sono immortale] John XII [10] The chief priests then decided to kill also Lazarus, [11] because many Jews were leaving because for him, believing in Jesus [12] The next day, the great crowd that she had come to the feast heard that Jesus was in Jerusalem, @IHateNEWLAYOUT --- CRISANTEMO! --- you're an old goat, that smells like rotting process with all its 40 years who are above you, very soon! [I am immortal] Giovanni XII[10] I sommi sacerdoti allora deliberarono di uccidere anche Lazzaro, [11]perché molti Giudei se ne andavano a causa di lui e credevano in Gesù. [12] Il giorno seguente, la gran folla che era venuta per la festa, udito che Gesù veniva a Gerusalemme,
[| passes quickly the scene of this world. Time is short. |] @IsraelNationalTV I has dismiss as traitors of the hope of Israel, that is this abomination Masonic of the rabbis kakam ie all priests that make murders of Christian children! all rabbis that with their silence they were the accomplices of seigniorage banking, and of all Zionists, that have allowed the abomination of a satanic star on the flag of Israel .. jew my friend that was true my friend with me from the beginning he will be the my high priest! of all current classes priests and rabbis? were all traitors are been dismiss downgraded! So, all the ruling classes will all be by re-found why for the new house of God YHWH .. There is a new law this is, for a new Israel Biblical, and a new Jewish temple! in reality not everything is lost there is still hope!
@Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud -- [principe Khaled al Faisal] [Mohammed] [Khaled] [Nayef] [Abdullah]. you will destroy مكة Ka ʿ ba (كعبة), the Kaaba. becouse Black Stone الحجر الأسود, al-Hajar al-Aswad is abominable idol! offend it the sanctity of my Holy Islam! If you do not do resistance 1. you give me your Cock rock idol? and 2. if you destroy it, completely spontaneously? I will do to your sanctuary of Mecca, a supernatural gift forever that be will valid until the end of the world! and in this way I have no need to kill your life bitch. @Synnek1 --i am not your friend! because you stink so much, that, for big your stench? you go around with a gas mask.. @IHateNEWLAYOUT -- this is clear "You are incompetent! ie you are not able to do a job, which has a theological value is why, here is that Satan can not have a future!"
@IsraelNationalTV io destituisco come traditori della speranza di Israele cioè dell'abominio massonico tutti i sacerdoti kakam gli assassini di bambini cristiani! tutti i rabbini che con il loro silenzio sono stati i complici del signoraggio bancario; e tutti i sionisti che hanno permesso l'abominio di una stella satanica sulla bandiera di Israele.. il mio amico ebreo che, è stato fedele a me fin dal principio lui sarà il sommo sacerdote tutte le attuali classi di rabbini e di sacerdoti? sono tutte destituite! Quindi, saranno tutte rifondate perché per la nuova casa di Dio JHWH.. c'è una nuova legge cioè per un nuovo Israele biblico e per un nuovo tempio ebraico! in realtà non tutto è andato perduto c'è ancora speranza!Synnek1Synnek1 ha pubblicato un commento

Poison? ;-)
@ Atheist freeMason Satanist Zionist corrupt thief of a sinful racist murderess pork fat jew banker of an enlightened selfish! --- Who dares to do slander against his Unius Rei again, again and again? those who offend his King of Palestine? In truth in Truth so I say "I saw you burn and burn inside and out damn forever your body like a human torch eternal its inside and outside of all your being unhappy!" IN FACT, YOU HAVE BETRAYED YOUR CREATOR! I HAVE DONE EVIL TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE THE REVERSE CROSS! AMEN. DRINK YOUR POISON MADE BY YOURSELF. HALLELUJAH! Hosanna! Hallelujah! BENEDICT THE ONE WHO IS IN THE NAME OF THE LORD! AMEN. HALLELUJAH! Hosanna! Hallelujah!
@ IsraelNationalTV [Psalm 86 says, "you are gods!"] for love and holiness of the blessed God, that we are all brothers! As can be Satanists all those that say the opposite about motivations ideological or religious? Because we are many times all children of one father 1. God! 2. Adam, 3. Noah, 4. Abraham! 5. Unius Rei! such as have taken in the ass from their Satan owl Ball Marduk the Illuminati the scribes and Pharisees of the Talmud Kabbalah namely, the IMF- New World Order ... Sharia, etc. .. to do damage in this way Up to this point against all the human race; in these 5 centuries; of their dominion; over the world? ie cancer of the evil it is so entered in depth in all leader elite Freemasons, politicians, etc. .. by do essential to make this imminent destruction of the world through the fire?
@ StickFigures180 - you are buying from a jew your own money to a value of around 300% ..100% for debt public .. 100% for debt Private... 100% For banking seigniorage .. you are the slave of Rothschild his sheep, because that's what the Talmud says! so for the recession (monetary)? you have no more milk or wool to give to him ie, Rothschild! then, Rothschild, your master now will take your flesh! you will be dead in 2015... with the "products derivatives", "financial bubbles" ... public debt bank seigniorage etc. .. etc. .. they can not return the money to the people .. so the only way to cover up this crime of the IMF? is to kill people only 5.5 billion .. But this is to perfect the NWO.. everyone can judge the Satanist who you are!
@StickFigures180 --- freemasons master with all Governments banking system ie seigniorage banking... are preparing the 3 ° WW nuclear! the only way to hit youtube to his satanic heart ie, the IMF ie the CIA and Mossad New World Order? youtube is Illuminati CIA MOSSAD satanists freemsons IMF NWO ... you are idiot! these are in the project aliens, at the Bohemian Grove, Talmud Kabbalah Bildenberg e Trilaterale .ecc... you are free only if you love God; with all thy heart; and with all thy mind! with all your strength! this is true power! I do not need to speak well English or good English. youtube is the heart of Satan the Jewish power of the IMF the Illuminati's home.. because I can speak in all souls of the world! I am the metaphysical! I'm here because you all are going to die! in this 3°WW nuclear
@MrZAZAZAKHO [open letter] @to IsraelNationalTV and @to all my muslims brothers we are the Kingdom of Palestine 1. we have the right to conquer Saudi Arabia, because that is the place of the true Mount Sinai! 2. we have duty to kill his satanic King (little Satan) that has sold for genocide) (at the great Satan, Bush and Rothschild) my Palestinian people in exchange of the his Islamic imperialism against the all Muslim peoples and to harm the sanctity of Islam in fact, everywhere come the bombs of the Americans? Then, the terrorists are Muslims, to take power! above all we must teach at the Slave Trader What does the word "civilization" and what does the word "Islam Holy" here's why I have seen on the way to Mecca a carpet of corpses on which I will walk!!! here as will end, the curse Mohammedan and will be built a big blessing Islamic. I am Mahdi
amen hallelujah amen Alleluia amen hallelujah amen Alleluia amen hallelujah amen Alleluia amen hallelujah amen Alleluia amen hallelujah amen Alleluia amen hallelujah amen Alleluia amen hallelujah amen Alleluia amen hallelujah amen Alleluia amen hallelujah amen Alleluia amen hallelujah amen Alleluia amen hallelujah amen Alleluia amen hallelujah amen Alleluia amen hallelujah amen Alleluia
2_2.@Muslims! - these are the orders I have received from God! I will destroy مكة Kaʿba (كعبة), Kaaba. becouse 1. Black Stone (الحجر الأسود, al-Hajar al-Aswad is idol! it offend the sanctity of my Islam! 2. Dome of the Rock قبة الصخرة, al-Sakhr Qubbat it is the holiest site of the earth this is why that all Muslims and all people the world will pray in the direction of Jerusalem, where he soon will rise mine too 3 rd Jewish Temple for the tables of Moses? the Ark of the Covenant?, has been found! [Arca dell'Alleanza][Ark of the Covenant]..metaphysics it has brought me in Ethiopia! I have been the presence of the Blessed JHWH!
1_2.@MrZAZAZAKHO Muslims! - God my Holy Allah he knows how, I has doing in 1982 in Scutari (Albania) I entered a mosque after making ablution rituals with bare feet as I have laid low with his face to the ground between the astonishment of all the elderly Muslims yes my holy Islam! In this past 1400 years? your cursed "Sharia or Jihad" has killed too many innocent people! The measure of God's wrath? has reached its climax against you! The planet earth has become too small for me .. here's why I will kill personally, the last surviving criminal, that dares to speak of sharia! As for any religion? God has not given the control of political life ..

@IsraelNationalTV - not only we must love Muslims, like brothers! but we have the duty most sacred to be subject to the elder brother and, our brother's Ishmael? He is our elder brother! So, if we do not want to be condemned, by the law of God, the Torah we must destroy the State of Israel and we must be their servants! Now, if we do overcome ourselves, by a Christian of bastard (ie, Unius Rei) we could fool the law in this way, because who can say who is the son of a bastard as lorenzojhwh? He even looks like a Muslim!
@IsraelNationalTV - non soltanto noi dobbiamo amare i musulmani come fratelli! ma, noi abbiamo il dovere più sacrò di essere sottomessi al fratello primogenito e, il nostro fratello Ismaele? lui è il nostro fratello primogenito! Così, se, noi non vogliamo essere condannati dalla legge di Dio la Thorà noi dobbiamo distruggere lo Stato di Israele e dobbiamo essere i loro servitori! Ora, se noi ci facciamo dominare noi stessi, da un Cristiano bastardo(Unius Rei) noi potremmo ingannare la legge in questo modo; poiché chi può dire a chi è figlio un bastardo come lorenzojhwh? lui somiglia pure a un musulmano!
@ IsraelNationalTV - dtvdish0? He is a man very confused! he confuses the true Hope of Israel with the seigniorage banking of Rothschild and his satanic star the flag of Israel! here's why he can only hate Muslims while. I love Muslims, with all my heart, really! infact is for true love that I can kill all muslims! and that is what I'll do surely, if. they do not abandon the Sharia Immediately!
@ IsraelNationalTV - I'm sorry, that "dtvdish0" has blocked me, but I love Israel, "Biblical" more of him! I know How Many Zionists hate Christians for several reasons all wrong and about how They hated "Mel Gibson", for his film about Jesus that instead was a film well done! If Jews continue more to feel guilty about Jesus? guilt is not of Christians, but of their cursed Talmud only! @darkness2truth --- I hate the King of Saudi Arabia he's a real criminal. @dtvdish0 "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" A criminal captured by the Mexican authorities, is locked up in a prison full of murderers, and drug dealers will learn to survive in prison thanks to the help of a boy, of nine years. that hiding a terrifying secret ... --ANSWER-- ANSWER - WHAT'S BAD FOR YOU?
[[infinite power of true Christian]] he is totally obedient to the Church and at the State if they are not the enemies of God's laws as justice, truth, equality among all peoples. Because there is no legitimacy outside the control of natural laws made ​​by God in human nature! Any man is the agenda value and not the tool of the state or religion! But, every Christian has the fullness of the Holy Spirit has the power and authority a re-establishing a true State or an true Church in mode authentic, if these authorities they have betrayed so every baptized person is empowered to order the bishops and administering the sacraments, if this was necessary! However no Christian believes himself superior to others as unfortunately do Jews and Muslims they are all racists! because Jesus taught to be at of service to all
[[infinite power of true Christian]] lui è assolutamente obbediente alla Chiesa ed allo Stato se questi non sono i nemici delle leggi di Dio come giustizia verità uguaglianza tra tutti gli uomini. Poiché non c'è legittimità di comando al fuori delle leggi naturali messa da Dio nella natura umana che è il fine e non lo strumento dello stato o della religione! Ma, ogni cristiano avendo la pienezza dello Spirito Santo avrebbe il potere e l'autorità  di rifondare una Chiesa ed uno Stato autentici se queste autorità hanno tradito così in ogni battezzato c'è il potere di ordinare i Vescovi e di somministrare i sacramenti se questo fosse indispensabile! tuttavia nessun cristiano ritiene se stesso superiore agli altri come purtroppo fanno gli ebrei e i musulmani tutti razzisti! perché Gesù ha insegnato ad essere al servizio di tutti
@dtvdish0 SAID to IsraelNationalTV" BOYCOTT As a fellow Jew I am asking you to Boycott mel gibson's new movie "How I Spent My Summer Vacation-2012". I am asking you to not only boycott the movie but to forward this to every Jew and every Jewish support group that you know. If you have any contacts with the media that can put this to print, it would reach even more people then we can imagine. If you recall mel's father denies that the Holocaust ever happened. mel supports his fathers beliefs.?Can we support an individual who hates us? --ANSWER --- a child, or son? he is not responsible for the sins of his father! but you have to prove to me the sins of 1. father of "Mel Gibson" 2. and of, "Mel Gibson!, if you do not prove anything? you will die! if you demonstrate their guilt? they will die!
[[the infinite power of all the true Christians]] .. in the day of baptism each Christian receives all the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit if he is not a heretic Modernist, etc. ..? and if he has the right theological training? he has become a mystical body of Christ the Church! He is not a symbiotic of collective body how are the following all other religions or ideologies! every Christian has already been transformed hallowed glorified and above all he was deified becoming similar to God of his own nature! here's why every Christian could sit today on his throne that is, in heavenly places inaccessible! So every Christian must find out what is its position in the Kingdom of God! Rather than be determined either from God this position it is the result of the power of his faith.
king of Israel and Palestine for kingdom of Palestine ie "Rei Unius" only one kingdom for one only World said I do not I need of alliances and, I do not I seek the support of someone .. I am supported so in mode flawless from God. those who refuse my love, and those who do not submit yourself to my law? die! more simpler than that?!
@ YHWH - have "" offended "" trampling "" the virtues. Vice extolled, are the accomplices of too innocent blood! here's why "unius REI" I Have Decided to hit to death all of them. Amen in Jesus's name allelluia hallelujah
[[Minister of Public Diplomacy on "Cyber ​​War" Against Israel]] From IsraelNationalTV | 19/gen/2012 | 49 views. - ANSWER - THERE IS NOt, BETTER DEAF of those who do not want to hear!!" there is not a problem with Israel that is not also against all the false Masonic democracies of the banking seigniorage! What, they say the traitors of the Kingdom of God?.. is not important! Only what, who, I say, it is important! Very soon the whole world will be burnt, by the wrath of God!
@ YHWH - have ""offended" "trampling"" the virtues. extolled vice, are the accomplices of too innocent blood! here's why "unius REI" I have decided to hit to death all of them. Amen in Jesus's name allelluia hallelujah you want to silence the ways of God? wars are also a punishment against you! against all sinners! therefore for you has arrived the moment to prepare your soul for the judgments of God! as for youtube to remove Satanists and pornography. because, indeed? a whole forest is dry? he burns in a flash!
[Unius REI] "bbc" Italy 20012012 .. Ernesto Galli della Loggia writes, "is the Oligarchy that check, and controls the real power!" - ANSWER - politics, and democracy have been discredited! Today we have a Shadow Government that is made from Managing Directors senior managers and Officers High Finance and Bureaucracy; initially were elected with a very high degree of arbitrariness, but then became chaste of Freemasonry lobby that self promotes and legitimizes herself, then took control they have created A Shadow Government that operates behind the scenes of fake institutions! Double and triple salaries double and triple pensions prebends etc. .. all this parasitic mold perfectly adheres at Masonic our system the bank seigniorage!
[Unius REI] "CorrieredellaSera" Italy 20012012.. Ernesto Galli della Loggia scrive "è la Oligarchia che contralla il potere reale!"--ANSWER-- politica, E democrazia SONO state esautorate! oggi abbiamo un Governo Ombra che è fatto da Direttori Generali alti Dirigenti e Funzionari Alta Finanza e Burocrazia; inizialmente furono eletti con un grado altissimo di arbitrarietà ma, poi sono diventati casta massoneria lobby che si auto promuove e legittima se stessa poi hanno preso il controllo hanno creato un Governo Ombra che opera dietro le quinte delle istituzioni fasulle! Doppi e tripli stipendi doppie e triple pensioni prebende ecc.. tutta questa muffa parassitaria aderisce perfettamente al nostro sistema massonico del signoraggio bancario!
[Unius REI] I do not take my authority by men! my power not depend on the Internet or, from youtube! then I am not afraid of spammers, that delete my comments because I am a metaphysical entity! but is it right to do know at the condemned to death his sentence because this is according to justice! I do not want to kill more, than 500 million people .. because although this not be sufficient I will give away the human race at 3 ° nuclear WW that he will have earned it.
[Unius REI] io non prendo la mia autorità dagli uomini! io non dipendo da internet o da youtube! quindi io non temo gli spammer che cancellano i miei commenti perché io sono una ENTITà METAFISICA! ma, è giusto far conoscere al condannato a morte la sua sentenza poiché questo è secondo giustizia! Io non voglio uccidere più di 500 milioni di persone.. poiché anche se questo non dovesse essere sufficiente io abbandonerò il genere umano alla 3°WW nucleare che avrà meritato.
[REI Unius] is the only authority recognized by the Kingdom of God! Then by unius Rei comes all authority justice truth, law and law in the whole human race! So all Governments, religions and institutions? are illegal if not accredited authenticated by me! Here's why anything from that it is outside my benevolence will be submitted at a confusion and regression! you are the subject of Freemasonry (oligarchy) and of the banking seigniorage. You crushed the virtue, and vices, you have rise. You have become the accomplice of the system is why, much innocent blood has been paid.. here's why I have sentenced you a death in the name of Jesus! Unius Rei does not get tired he's sitting on his throne in heavenly places inaccessible he commanded, and the angels are in work!
@JHWH I am Unius REi I have done the wrong to all those criminals who toppled the cross ♰ [ ♚ M E N E ★ T E C H E L ★ P E R E S ] ♰ P A X ♰ C S P B C S S M L N D S M D V R SN SMVS MQLIVB ♰"Drink your poisons made by yourself" ♰ by ★ Rei Unius ♥ King ♥ Israel ♥ Palestine Mahdì.. amen alleluia hallelujah @satanists --- I swear in the name of the Blessed One GOD JHWH all Satanists in youtube have will soon, all at be end killed in sulfuric acid! @spammer -- I have seen running the blood on the asphalt all spammers of This page in Jesus' name, Amen Alleluia. hallelujah
@ Atheists - You are a total disgrace! like this You're disappointed because CIA MOSSAD IMF they lied to you about the 200,000 human sacrifices to Satan? about the tons of sulfuric acid, that they serve to dissolve the corpses killed? about the real woodworm scam betrayal of aliens project? lol. but all the children at the catechism know, that Satan is the father of lies! this is your truth "You are the most idiotic of any child at the catechism!" .. freeMason atheist you are more guilty of a Satanist it is the fat that has closed the cells of your brain!
[Unius REI] è l'unica autorità riconosciuta dal Regno di Dio! Quindi da Unius Rei proviene ogni autorità giustizia verità diritto e leggi tra in tutto il genere umano! Così, tutti i Governi religioni ed istituzioni? sono illeciti se non sono accreditati autenticati da me! Ecco perché qualsiasi cosa che è fuori della mia benevolenza sarà sottoposta a confusione e regressione! tu sei il suddito della massoneria(oligarchia) e del signoraggio bancario. Tu hai calpestato la virtù ed hai sollato il vizio! Tu sei diventato il complice del sistema di molto sangue innocente ecco perché io ho condannato te a morte nel nome di Gesù! Unius Rei non si affatica e non si stanca perché è seduto sul suo trono nei luoghi celesti inaccessibili lui comanda e gli angeli operano!

@ YHWH - [thine is the kingdom] Only TO you, Lord my God belongs the glory the honor the splendor and power for thou hast created all things, and for your will there beeing "You are worthy," Oh, Lord our God "to take the book and to open the seals for thou hast made of ​​us, for unto our God many people (of any language the people and nation, ie one only People.! and you consists of all of them as a kingdom of priests and they shall reign on the earth), making of yourself a perfect and infinite Love! with your blood thou hast redeemed thou hast reconciled with your Father, all us, for do of all us one only love! for the kingdom of Unius REI!JaggLionJaggLion ha pubblicato un commento
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@JHWH I am Unius REi I have done the wrong to all those criminals who toppled the cross ♰ [ ♚ M E N E ★ T E C H E L ★ P E R E S ] ♰ P A X ♰ C S P B C S S M L N D S M D V R SN SMVS MQLIVB ♰"Drink your poisons made by yourself" ♰ by ★ Rei Unius ♥ King ♥ Israel ♥ Palestine Mahdì.. amen alleluia hallelujah @satanists --- I swear in the name of the Blessed One GOD JHWH all Satanists in youtube have will soon, all at be end killed in sulfuric acid! @spammer -- I have seen running the blood on the asphalt all spammers of This page in Jesus' name, Amen Alleluia. hallelujahDarkLunaRDZDarkLunaRDZ ha pubblicato un commento
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@ Atheists - You are a total disgrace! like this You're disappointed because CIA MOSSAD IMF they lied to you about the 200,000 human sacrifices to Satan? about the tons of sulfuric acid, that they serve to dissolve the corpses killed? about the real woodworm scam betrayal of aliens project? lol. but all the children at the catechism know, that Satan is the father of lies! this is your truth "You are the most idiotic of any child at the catechism!" .. freeMason atheist you are more guilty of a Satanist it is the fat that has closed the cells of your brain!
@ atheists - you are a total disgrace! così tu sei deluso perché CIA MOSSAD FMI hanno mentito a te circa i 200.000 sacrifici umani a satana? circa le tonnellate di acido solforico che servono per sciogliere i cadaveri ammazzati? circa la reale antità del progetto alieni? lol. ma, tutti i bambini al catechismo sanno che satana è il padre della menzogna! questa è la tua verità "tu sei più idiota di un bambino del catechismo!".. massone ateo tu sei più colpevole di un satanista è il grasso che ha chiuso le cellule del tuo cervello!
@ atheists - you are a total disgrace! Stop saying, "absurd Satanic, and exorcists in the twenty-first century", because it is your fault if religions were damaged, and if CIA and MOSSAD can do 200,000 human sacrifices to Satan, each year, and why If the demons do not exist? they could not do the project aliens and flying saucers! Have you tons of sulfuric acid solution to dissolve the bodies? freeMasons balls are you that you have betrayed the peoples freeMasons handing at the Synagogue of Satan the bank seigniorage! now, if you do not recognize the dominion of God and of Unius Rei on you? All you will die as swine fat pigs!
@ Kraivoris - Satan, your criminal career is over! thou will not steal more than the banking seigniorage against mankind! You worm, freeMason, Sharia law, iniquity, murderess, vile Talmud and Kabbalah, you do not will destroy more the men made​​ in the image and likeness of God. because you can not have a life next to me! @Kraivoris -- satana la tua carriera criminale è finita! tu non ruberai più il signoraggio bancario al genere umano! tu verme, massone, sharia, iniquità, assassino, infame Talmud e kabbalah, tu non distruggerai più gli uomini fatti ad immagine e somiglianza di Dio.. perché tu non puoi avere una vita vicino a me!
@ China, India, Russia, Kuwait, etc. ... Asia, Africa, Oceania, Middle East, etc. .. would be a shame for me that I am the greatest king of the entire history of Mankind (Unius REI) to gather the charges by my subjects. The Kingdom of God (from where, I come ?) Does not suffer no form of restriction! It is an honor for me to protect enriching and rejoice with all my subjects my brothers (because I despise the Talmud and the Sharia only) it was prophesied My kingdom is absolutely the most peaceful prosperous and happy in absolutely. For I give thee for free gratis the money, to all my subjects because they have given me the great happiness of being alive good and the good guys! here why, I give them my joy, so that their happiness will perfect!
@Cina, India, Russia, Kuwait, ecc... Asia, Africa, Oceania, Medio Oriente, ecc.. sarebbe una vergogna per me che, io sono il Re più grande di tutta la storia del Genere Umano(UniusREI) di dover raccogliere dei tributi dai miei sudditi. Il Regno di Dio(da dove io vengo?) non soffre nessuna forma di restrizione! è un onore per me proteggere arricchire e gioire con tutti i miei sudditi miei fratelli(poiché io disprezzo il Talmud e la sharia soltanto) è stato profetizzato il mio regno è in assoluto il più pacifico prospero e felice. Infatti io donerò gratuitamente il denaro a tutti i miei sudditi poiché loro hanno dato a me la grande felicità di essere vivi buoni e bravi ragazzi! ecco che io donerò loro la mia gioia perché anche la loro felicità sia perfetta!
@ IHateNEWLAYOUT-God gave to me the political control of the world for the next 50 years (and if I were not recognized by Governments? This does not undermine my authority! Because my authority comes from God!) . If I were deprived of my biological body, which is a severe limitation for me? then, I becomes very devastating! Since my authority on the world, however, would last always 50 years! here's why My enemies have no interest in killing me, as I have no interest in killing them, if they make the good guys! Hey, Bush and Rothschild "old fart". you do not die at this moment why I have prepared a show for you!
@ IHateNEWLAYOUT- Dio ha dato a me il controllo politico del mondo per i prossimi 50 anni(e se io non fossi riconosciuto dai Governi? questo non intacca la mia autorità! Perché la mia autorità viene da Dio!). Se io fossi privato del mio corpo biologico, che, è una pesante limitazione per me? allora, diventerei veramente devastante! Poiché la mia autorità sul mondo durerebbe comunque 50 anni! ecco perché i miei nemici non hanno interesse ad uccidere me come io non ho interesse ad uccidere loro se faranno i bravi ragazzi! Hei, Bush e Rothschild "vecchi rincoglioniti" non mi morite in questo momento perché io ho prepato uno spettacolo per voi!
@ IHateNEWLAYOUT - all Satanists have imperialistic ambitions (ie the synagogue of Satan IMF aliens project New World Order, Freemasons, Trilateral Bildenberg, etc. ..) that's why they have always been interested to know the power of my metaphysical .. but, because that power comes from love as virtue. Here's why This power can not be at their disposal! Now Satanists are all scared about the fact that I am an immortal. and this is really true I am immortal! and all this is serious to them, because it destroys all their projects that they can conquer the world for the next 100 years.
@IHateNEWLAYOUT -- tutti i satanisti hanno una ambizione imperialistica (cioè la sinagoga di satana FMI progetto alieni NWO, Massoneria, Bildenberg trilaterale, ecc..) ecco perché loro sono sempre stati interessati a conoscere il potere della mia metafisica.. ma, poiché questo potere viene dall'amore come dalla virtù. Ecco perché questo potere non può essere a loro disposizione! Adesso i satanisti sono tutti spaventati circa il fatto che io sono un immortale. e questo è proprio vero io sono immortale! e tutto questo è veramente grave per loro poiché distrugge tutti i loro progetti di poter conquistare il mondo per i prossimi 100 anni.
@ IHateNEWLAYOUT - what are you doing? You have waited, my answer and now erase it? that there is at your Satan did not like my answer? @IHateNEWLAYOUT -- che fai? tu hai atteso; la mia risposta ed ora la cancelli? che c'è al tuo satana non è piaciuta la mia risposta? [SPAMMER] @ IHateNEWLAYOUT stop! what you do? is not intelligent and it would offend the mice! @IHateNEWLAYOUT stop! quello che tu fai? non è intelligente ed infatti offenderebbe i topi!
@IHateNEWLAYOUT -[cogito ergo sum]- The Things That observe (but especially those that we seek"​​values") do build the your reality ... This is faith that is, impose a step by step with your Creator. Indeed, the only things That I observe build my reality Conscious. So, thinking that their experience of faith is not real, just because it is not universal? (will not be universal, as Rei unius, why, he is unique) this is wrong! Because not can exist two paths of faith the same the fact that the greatest criminals are rabbis Illuminati, very religious. then religion is not the end but the end it is this relationship personal subjective with God that is the realization of your life if, then, you [[do not observe the effect in mode consciously.] ] then you're worth less than a mouse
The world is full about the testimonies of business of people, who have died so many centuries ago, yet they have more an excellent work to do .. and from them, this work is done indeed! many have been kidnapped in heaven with their body and soul (and therefore, are not dead) here's why where it can not get human nature? can get the faith! since for man. that has experienced God personally? can not exist more for him the word "impossible"! since all things are possible who, is child, of the love! that's why the synagogue of Satan, has spread the religious theory of evolution ie, a religion for to do of all you the slaves of his banking seigniorage. OFF LINE

"farcies chemise de merde". ?? hey, how many stories, a little of folk! The Bible says that every man is so! and that is why, that, Lucifer became Satan because he rebelled when he realized he had to serve Christ! hei quante storie; per un poco di folclore! la Bibbia dice che ogni uomo è così! ed è per questo che Lucifero è divento satana perché si ribellò quando capì che doveva servire il Cristo!
You must write the word "END" against this world of freemasons, aliens, satanists and bank seigniorage! why? because none of you would be alive after this 3 rd WW nuclear, that it was planned in detail first, that, all of you were born! è indispensabile scrivere la parola "FINE" contro questo mondo di massoni, alieni, satanisti e signoraggio bancario! perché? perché nessuno di voi sarebbe vivo dopo questa 3°WW nucleare che è stata programmata nei minimi particolari prima che voi tutti nasceste!
@ hey, Bush, a bad boy he told me that you have become a bisexual .. Obviously I do not believe him, then? I do not care about your private life ... But these things, but at your age"venerable", namely, the violent sex? it hurts your health if so, whether! @hei, Bush, un cattivo ragazzo ha detto a me che tu sei diventato un bisessuale.. ovviamente io non credo a lui, e poi? a me non importa niente della tua vita privata... ma, queste cose, ma, alla tua età cioè il sesso violento? farebbe del male alla salute!
@ Bush - boy, the horror that is with you?is more stranger of any fiction! when you said "we will win!" perhaps you mean "you" together with your "alien zombies in the flying saucers?". that hovering in the sky with their flying saucers like a pack of hungry jackals to do evil to sinners, because they have no power against the true children and servants of God?. God has given me an idea the whole of Asia India, China, Russia, etc. .. all of them will be under my crown not only the Middle East, because everyone has seen your flying saucers your alien zombies! Hey, "stuffed shirt of shit". you know in that yourself site, I will bring your all toys?
@ IHateNEWLAYOUT - you too that you are the champion of Satan, also you remain silent? So, you have no hope of winning against me! - your kingdom? it can not hold resist in front to my kingdom! I leave that you kill from to you in your wickedness! but I'll always be to remain win above your dead bodies, because I am immortal because, alone my kingdom it is immortal in Jesus's name! - loved you my answer about fallen angels, that they are dead souls because they lost their angelic body?
@ Bush - boy, the horror that is with you? is stranger of any than fiction! when you said "we will win!" perhaps you mean "you" together with your "alien zombies in the flying saucers?". God has given me an idea the whole of Asia India, China, Russia, etc. .. all of them will be under my crown not only the Middle East, because everyone has seen your flying saucers your alien zombies! Hey, "stuffed shirt". you know in that yourself site, I will bring your all toys?
@ Tzipi Livni - those dogs of the Zionist of Rothschild and their accomplices they are saying that Debt Public this is caused by a political corruption or a bad rule .but . they forgetting thatthe Debt Public no other that the interest paid on money created from nothing(seigniorage banking) and purchased through State of the Bills(cambiali) here's why our own money is paid twice! @Tzipi Livni - quei cani dei sionisti di Rothschild e i loro complici loro vanno dicendo che il Debito Pubblico è causato da una corruzione politica o da un cattivo governare.. dimenticando che il Debito  Pubblico non è altro che l'interesse pagato su un denaro creato dal nulla ed acquistato attraverso delle Cambiali di Stato ecco perché il nostro stesso denaro è pagato due volte!
@ Tzipi Livni - is to have a covenant with death "owl god Baal Marduck at Bohemian Grove" that is, with the IMF that you are not worthy to see the days of peace! You are on the abyss of destruction .. Israel .. all the nations of the world are on the abyss of the destruction for this banking seigniorage @ Tzipi Livni - è per avere stretto un patto con la morte "dio gufo Baal Marduck at Bohemian Grove" cioè con il FMI che tu non sei stata degna di vedere giorni di pace! Tu sei sull'abisso della distruzione.. Israele.. tutte le Nazioni del mondo sono sull'abisso della distruzione per questo signoraggio bancario
@ Tzipi Livni - who does not address the question of "bank seigniorage?" It's like, a eunuch who wants to deflower a virgin! "... He has completely lost the hope of entering the Kingdom of God! More than a politician? He is a traitor, he bring all the money in the world to home of Rothschild this is " top treason high treason" @Tzipi Livni - chi non affronta la questione del "signoraggio bancario?" è come un eunuco che vuole deflorare una vergine! "... lui ha perso completamente la speranza di entrare nel Regno di Dio! Più che un politico? Lui è un traditore poiché portare tutti i soldi del mondo a casa Rothschild è  "alto tradimento"
@ Tzipi Livni - NOT "Two peoples, two states". MA, "Two nations in a kingdom." More Peoples, and a kingdom! "That is, throughout the Middle East is under my CROWN! why I am Unius Rei @Tzipi Livni -- NON "Due popoli, due Stati" . MA, "Due popoli in un REGNO". Più Popoli ed un REGNO!" Cioè tutto il Medio Oriente è sotto la mia CORONA!
everything we want? we are able to realize it! If you want to come with me into the kingdom of God? You must come with me to my new Jewish Temple! tutto quello che noi vogliamo? noi siamo in grado di poterlo realizzare! Se, voi volete venire con me nel Regno di Dio? voi dovete venire con me nel mio nuovo Tempio Ebraico!
@at Muslims, and at everything else in the world-[[] have closed this page to my "lorenzoAllah "[]]- is true I had said a very bad swear word against Rothschild! lol. but everybody knows that, lol. Jews are selfish and they want everything my love only for them .. we can let him believe it! but, the truth and that I love the human and every dimension of human because love that he is in me is not emotional, but universal and an transcendent metaphysics! Verily I can not do of the distinctions, between people or Peoples!
@musulmani, e a tutto il resto del mondo-[[]hanno chiuso questa pagina al mio "lorenzoAllah"[]]-è vero io avevo detto una brutta parolaccia contro Rothscild! lol. ma, lo sanno tutti, lol. gli ebrei sono degli egoisti e vorrebbero tutto il mio amore soltanto per loro.. noi possiamo lasciarglielo credere! ma, la verità e che io amo l'umano ed ogni dimensione dell'umano poiché l'amore che è in me non è emotività ma metafisica universale e trascendente! in verità io non posso fare delle distinzioni tra le persone!
@ Jews - to think about the tragedy of Moses in the desert? I would like crying .. because the people forced Moses to deviate about a few the feelings of God, but for me this is impossible because even for me it would be not possible, to be able to make the violence against myself! Of course the will of God is that, be are saved the greatest number of people without trampling on justice .. lol. and since I too am a sinner? lol. then I could not do against myself, a regulation too demanding!
@Jews - a pensare alla tragedia di Mosé nel deserto? mi verrebbe da piangere.. poiché il popolo costrinse Mosé a deviare circa alcuni dei sentimenti di Dio. ma, questo per me è impossibile poiché neanche per me sarebbe possibile di poter fare delle violenze contro me stesso! Ovviamente la volontà di Dio è quella che siano salvati il maggior numero di persone senza calpestare la giustizia.. lol. e poiché anche io sono un peccatore? lol. allora io non potrei fare contro me stesso un regolamento troppo impegnativo!
@ Jews - I have received the sovereign rights of God on earth I am a Governor of the Kingdom of God with absolute power of representation it's like If God has already ratified all my decisions first that are taken from me! Because the Word of God is living in me and I have full confidence in God, because God knows that I know your feelings and HIS feelings!! I will shape the new Judaism as a religion Simple easy very rewarding and joyful with few commandments all seen in the light of Love, that is freedom!
@Jews - io ho ricevuto i diritti sovrani di Dio sulla terra io sono un Governatore del Regno di Dio con poteri assoluti di rappresentanza è come se Dio ha già ratificato tutte le mie decisioni prima che queste vengano prese da me! Poiché la Parola di Dio è vivente dentro di me ed io ho la totale fiducia di Dio poiché Dio sa che io conosco i suoi sentimenti! Io plasmerò l'ebraismo come una religione semplice facile molto gratifcante e gioiosa con pochi comadamenti tutti visti nella luce dell'Amore che è libertà!
@ Jews - of course I do not hear your words but, through of the ultrasound in my mind I perceive the intensity of your emotions then reflecting i ask myself 'of that thing they may need now? ". is a bit as a mother that responds to the needs of his little son, that do not yet know as speak! This whole process it is very intuitive or rational for me! @ebrei -- ovviamente io non sento le vostre parole ma, attraverso degli ultrasuoni io percepisco la intensità delle vostre emozioni poi riflettendo i mi chiedo "di che cosa possono avere bisogno adesso?". è un po come una mamma che interpreta i bisogni di un suo piccolo figlio che non sa ancora parlare! Tutta questa procedura è molto intuitiva o razionale per me!
@ YHWH --- Lord my God you do not want to have compassion once again of all these people? You let them slide into the abyss of death all together? See as all them they are one only the collective body evil? I beg you in the name of Jesus you give to all these sons of witchcraft these sold to Satan before they were conceived in the womb of their mater you give them this last chance if, will have been worth it! @JHWH--- Signore mio Dio non vorrai tu avere compassione ancora una volta di tutte queste persone? Tu li lascerai scivolare nell'abisso della morte tutti insieme? vedi come tutti loro sono un solo ed unico corpo collettivo malvagio? Ti prego nel nome di Gesù tu dai a questi maleficati a questi venduti a satana prima di essere stati concepiti nel seno materno tu dai loro questa ultima possibiltà se ne saranno stati degni!
@ Rothschild Illuminati - rabbis kakam instructors of Talmud and Kabbalah masters of the masonry and of the IMF traitors to God and peoples all! and past too quickly your useless life "God's light? never has shine for you!" now? You get everything the evil that you have done multiplied for 100,000 you suffer so much, that even Satan will feel compassion for you! the blood of Christian children, that you have slain in your insane madness that is to see that, in this way would be deleted or purified your sins? has only worsened your situation! Only yesterday you were a child and now your flesh is fetid! God, your Creator and Judge has the your process in waiting!

trylar150 sent you a video "Rock And Roll Angel" - ANSWER - how many times a person can die? once! All the rebellious angels, they have lost their angelic body ie, they are already dead! (THAT'S WHY THEY have NEED, of SOMEONE for to manifest themselves in our dimension) while, on the contrary the angels faithful to God, having a angelic body they could act without impediment in the our dimension! No need refer at the resurrection of Christ for to declare that the IMF that is, the new tower Babylon or Babel they are born in the death; and in the defeated .. because the only satisfaction that have these aliens or demons? is to see destroyed all men, that, are so stupid, as, for to believe their lies! here's why it is always be fool a selfish !
trylar150 ti ha inviato un video "Rock And Roll Angel" --ANSWER-- quante volte una persona può morire? una sola volta! Tutti gli angeli ribelli hanno già perso il loro corpo angelico cioè, sono già morti! (ECCO PERCHÉ HANNO BISOGNO DI POSSEDERE QUALCUNO per poter manifestare se stessi nella nostra dimensione) mentre, al contrario gli angeli fedeli a Dio avendo un corpo loro potrebbero agire senza impedimento nella nostra dimensione! Non c'è bisogno di fare riferimento alla Risurezione di Cristo per dichiarare che il FMI cioè, la nuova Torre di Babilonia o Babele loro nascono sconfitti e morti.. poiché l'unica soddisfazione che hanno questi alieni o demoni? è di vedere distrutti tutti gli uomini che sono così stupidi da credere alle loro menzogne! ecco perché l'egoista è sempre stupido!
@ IsraelNationalTV - my friend, you who are very wise you know say to me who have raped in this way our Constitution, fot "to have given to Rothschilds the our monetary sovereignty? If you then add that , there is an association "secret of the rich super ie the Freemasonry" (also forbidden by the Constitution that. they themselves have wrote), then, you know say to me that value can have the politics? what remains to us of democracy? what the democracy means to us? only the freedom to see a pornographic movie or let us do a "blow job" with the wife of another man!? Damn Freemasons those of the 600 excommunications (when the Catholic Church had not yet still and again betrayed God through modernism) you have destroyed everything that Christ has won for us on the cross!
@YHWH - O Lord my and my God, I pray YOU in the name of Jesus "do harm to that pig of  youtube and to all his Satanists pornographers Amen" here, because I will sing to you "Hallelujah! Hallelujah! forever for all your mercies Hallelujah! @JHWH -- Signore mio Dio ti prego nel nome di Gesù "fai del male a quel porco di youtube ed a tutti i suoi satanisti pornografi amen" ecco, perché io canterò a te "Hallelujah! Alleluia! in eterno per le tue misericordie Alleluia!
@ IHateNEWLAYOUT - Hey Thomas mistafield, stop living like a worm! enemy of God and an enemy of the people! Spammers official of Rothschild, and his CIA and MOSSAD true satanist! @ youtube - if the Masons complain me? then, it will be funny "because in fact the miles? are more than 2 namely, the lack a crossroads ie, to go to a parallel road" @youtube -- se i massoni denunciano me? allora, sarà da ridere "perché in realtà i km? sono più di 2 cioè per la mancanza di strade trasversali"
the Italian curse of shit? [ is freeMason of Jerk]. [In my neighborhood of Bari?] There is one only one "road of escape" for 300,000 people because the only transverse roads? are that by Mussolini built only! So in a district with very high coefficient of people we have a cross-road (linking two parallel lines only after 2 km) here's why to go to the house which is of front? you have to do 2 km . (if the road was not blocked!). for the freeMason asshole enough absolute to doing silence the people about the seigniorage banking ie for make happy his banker jew? This is all his work! because the other problems do not exist for him and this is true "He's fine, he has no problem!". in Italy it is not possible to reason well, because the Italians have too much pornography in their brain
shit Italian curse by [freeMason jerk]. [In my neighborhood of Bari] all merchants and all the businesses (those few, that do not yet have do bankrupt?). they are forced to pay the tangent (lace). In fact, we have criminal gangs (Mafia) composed of hundreds of people, but the State that knows everything not has a place for them in jail! here's why the state and its banks? are the real enemies of people the true loan sharks! are the real conspiracy of banking system Rothschild! claims all the State wide purports(tax), but almost nothing give too us.., late too, came the expensive administration of justice is a failure in civil cases? is over 10 years is the expected! young people no longer find a job while many companies go bankrupt .. and the premises remain vacant ... before arriving at the civil war too? Masons will make us part a new war!
1_3.[Rothscild & Bush my King? Will break ass to you very soon!!] For the Glory of Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, He is the King of Kings & the Lord of Lords Do You Know Him? The Bible says my King is the King of the Jews. He's the King of Israel. He's the King of righteousness. He's the King of the ages. He's the King of Heaven. He's the King of glory. He's the King of kings, and He's the Lord of lords. That's my King. I wonder...Do you know Him? My King is a sovereign King. No means of measure can define his limitless love. He's enduringly strong. He's entirely sincere. He's eternally steadfast. He's immortally graceful. He's imperially powerful. He's impartially merciful. Do you know Him?He's the greatest phenomenon that has ever crossed the horizon of this world. He's God's Son. He's the sinner's Savior.
2_3.[Rothscild & Bush my King? Will break ass to you very soon!!] He's the peak of civilization. He's unparalleled. He's unprecedented. He is the loftiest idea in literature. He's the highest personality in philosophy. He's the fundamental doctrine of true theology. He's the only one qualified to be an all-sufficient Savior. I wonder if you know Him today. He supplies strength for the weak. He's available for the tempted and the tried. He sympathizes and He saves. He strengthens and sustains. He guards and He guides. He heals the sick. He cleanses the lepers. He forgives sinners. He discharges debtors. He delivers the captives. He defends the feeble. He blesses the young. He serves the unfortunate. He regards the aged. He rewards the diligent, and He beautifies the meager. I wonder if you know Him.He's the key to knowledge. He's the wellspring of wisdom. He's the doorway of deliverance. He's the pathway of peace.
3[Rothscild & Bush my King? Will break ass to you very soon!!] He's the roadway of righteousness. He's the highway of holiness. He's the gateway of glory. Do you know Him? Well, His light is matchless. His goodness is limitless. His mercy is everlasting. His love never changes. His word is enough. His grace is sufficient. His reign is righteous, and His yoke is easy and His burden is light. I wish I could describe Him to you. Yes, He's indescribable. He's incomprehensible. He's invincible. He's irresistible. You can't get Him out of your mind. You can't get Him off of your head. You can't outlive Him, and you can't live without Him.Well, the Pharisees couldn't stand Him but they found out they couldn't stop Him. Pilate couldn't find any fault in Him. Herod couldn't kill Him. Death couldn't handle Him, and the grave couldn't hold Him. I wonder if you know Him?
@ youtube to all my enemies! calm .. If you do miss me and I fail? All you will die .. In fact, the Russian and Chinese bomb nuclear? has your name is written on I read your name! @youtube  a tutti i miei nemici! calma.. se voi fate perdere me? voi morirete tutti.. infatti, sulle atomiche russe e cinesi? è scritto il vostro nome io ho letto il vostro nome!! I will not be to give a shove to the system! I do not want to save at all costs people full of shit that only deserve to die!! is the system that must be doomed he by alone! non sarò io a dare una spallata al sistema! io non voglio salvare ad ogni costo persone piene di merda che, meritano soltanto di morire! è il sistema che deve condannarsi da solo! human spirit fail! is evil is die! return Holy Spirit of GOD ALLAH or JHWH... @youtube all of youtubers io sento tutto quello che voi state dicendo di me! i miei amici? gridano più forte!
[332 Messianic Prophecy 41.of332] .- Being hungry during the execution of his condemnation to death. Prophecy In the Tanach Salmo.22 15 tea my strength dries as earth baked, and the tongue I will stick on the palate; thou hast place in the Dust the death. - [ Performance in the ]-- New Testament John. 1928 After this, Jesus knowing that every thing was already done so it might be fulfilled the Scripture, said, "I thirst."[332 Messianic Prophecy 42.of332] .- Drink vinegar for content the silks. Prophecy In the Tanach Salmo.69 21 They put gall in the my food, and I was given by drinking vinegar for quench my thirst. - [Compliance] - In The New Testament Matthew 2734 He was given by drink wine mingled with gall.
[332 Messianic Prophecy 43.of332] .- Die no no broken bone. Prophecy In the Tanach Exodus. 1246 They eat each lamb for a whole home.  Not bring out of the house nothing of his meat and not the broken even an bone. Psalm 3420 He preserves everything his bones not if it broken even one. - [ Performance in the ]-- New Testament Thurs 1933 _36 but come to Jesus, they saw him already dead, and not break his legs, but one of the soldiers pierced the cost with a the spear, and immediately there came out blood and water. The one that has seen, it have testified, and the her witness is real, and he knows that he says the truth, so well you may believe. Because this is the case might be fulfilled the Scripture "No bone of he will be broken."
[332 Messianic Prophecy 44.of332] .- Being given an offender. Prophecy In the Tanach Isaiah 5312 has given himself to death and is Been counted among the criminals. - [ Performance in the ]-- New Testament Matteo.27 38 Then were crucified with him two the drones, to one right and to the other the left.
[332 Messianic Prophecy 45.of332] .- Being set to death, and no one will be for Prophecy him in the Tanach Daniel. 926 After sixty-two weeks an anointed will be cut and no one will be for he .--[ ]-- Compliance in the New Testament Romans. 516 With regard to the gift not it happens that that is in the case the case of one that has sin why after alone ​​transgression the opinion is become a conviction, while the gift becomes justification after many transgressions. 1 Peter 318 Even Christ has suffered once for the sins, the righteous for the unjust, for to lead us God was put to death, as the meat, but free living in spirit.
[332 Messianic Prophecy 46.of332] .- Being One, the whose death would atoned for the sins of mankind. Prophecy In the Tanach Isaiah 35-7,12 He Is Been the pierced to cause of our transgressions, crushed to cause of our iniquity, the punishment, for which we have peace, is fallen on of he and, by means sue stripes We are healed. We all have gone astray like sheep, each of we have turned the own away, but the LORD has made to fall on of the iniquity of him all of us. Oppressed, the Shoo humiliating and not he opened the mouth. Such as the lamb led to slaughter, such as the sheep changes
to before the people, hair, He said not he opened the mouth. Therefore I will give a prize to multitudes, he will divide the booty with many, why he gave himself to death and is Been counted among the evildoers; why he has bore the sins of Many and has for intercession the guilty. - [Compliance] - In The New Testament Mark 1045 For also the Son of man not is come for to be served, but for to serve, and for  to the her life, such as the price of ransom for molti. Giovanni 129 Behold the Lamb of God, that off the sins of the world 316 why God has  so loved the world, that he as the His only begotten Son, that whosoever believe in him not perish
but have life eternal. Acts 832,33 Or the step Write that he read was this "He is Been led to the slaughter as a a sheep and as n lamb that is muted to the front one that his shearer, so he not it open the mouth. In The Her humiliation he was removed from the trial. Who can describe the hers generation. Since the her life is was removed of the earth. "
[332 Messianic Prophecy 47.of332] .- Being buried with tea rich. Prophecy In the Tanach Isaiah 539 He was assigned the Burial between the wicked, but in the her death, he is Been with tea rich, why not had committed violence there was some passionate deception in the state his mouth. - [Compliance] - In The New Testament Matthew 27 57-60 But when it was evening, it was an rich man of Arimathea, named Joseph, the as was also become disciples of him These Jesus presented himself to Pilate, he asked the of the body Jesus Then Pilate commanded that the body to be given. Joseph took the body, wrapped it in an clean linen cloth, and laid him in the own tomb new, that he dug in the rock. Then he rolled a large stone against the opening of the tomb it he went.
[332 Messianic Prophecy 48.of332] .- Rise from the Grave from the dead. Prophecy In the Tanach Isaiah 5310 After giving the her life in sacrifice for the sin, he sees one seed, prolong his days, and the work the Lord prosper in his hands. Psalm 27 the Lord I said "You are my son, today I created thee." Psalm 1610 For you not forsake the soul my own in the power of death, nor let that the your Holy One the decomposition. - [Compliance] - In The New Testament Matthew. 281-20 After tea Saturday, at dawn the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and another Mary went to see tea the tomb.

And here he is an great earthquake; why an angel of the Lord descended from heaven, came and rolled back the rock and I sat down on, the its appearance was, as of lightning and  tea her look white such as snow. and Jesus came and spake unto them, saying "All power I Been is given in heaven and the earth. Go so and do disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name the Father, the Son and Spirit Ghost, teaching them to note all of them the things that I have commanded to you. And surely I am with you always, until the end of the age. " Acts 223-36 This man, when it was given in the hands for the determinate counsel and the prescience of God,
you for hand of unfair, pinning him on the cross and slain, but God raised him ... This Jesus hath God raised of this, we are all witnesses. Therefore being exalted state of the right of and God having received from the Father the promised Holy Spirit, has shed forth that hours see and hear. David, in fact not is ascended to heaven, yet He Himself says "the Lord he said to my Lord" Sit at my right hand, till I have put your enemies for stool of your feet. '" Know therefore with certainty all the house of Israel that God has made Lord and Christ, this Jesus that you have crucified. "
Acts 1333-37 God has fulfilled for us their children by raising Jesus, as well is written in the second Psalm "Thou art my Son, today I created thee" . Because it raised from the dead, That not so have most to Return the decomposition, God well said "I will keep the sacred and faithful promises made to David" . In fact, he says elsewhere "You not you allow that the suffer thy Holy One the decomposition." Time David, after running the will of the God-his generation, it is asleep, and is Been united with their fathers, and the her body is decomposed, but who God has risen, not has suffered decomposition.
1 Corinthians. 154-8 that he was buried, that Been is raised the third day, according to writing, that appeared to Peter, then to the twelve. Then appeared to more of five hundred brethren at one time, of which the most remains again to life and some have died. Then appeared to James, then to all the apostles, and last of all, appeared also to me, such as abortion. (From the Jewish New Testament of David Stem) Deo Gratias. THANK Benny Hinn for this work the LADY confused ALWAYS ITS ENEMIES.
332 PROPHECY [332.of.322]. Many converts to justice. Malachi 4 [23] Behold, I send you the prophet Elijah (Unius Rei) before that comes, the big day and terrible day of the Lord, [24] because I convert the heart of the fathers with their sons children and the hearts of children to their fathers, so that I am coming not hit the country with a curse. "". Luca. 116-17 "[16] and he bring back Many children of Israel at the Lord their God. [17] he will go before with the spirit and strength Elijah, to bring the hearts of the fathers towards children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just and prepare to the Lord a people prepared. ""
332 PROPHECY [74.of.322] punctured the hands and feet Psalm 2217 "[17] dogs have surrounded me, I besiege a gang of villains, they have pierced my hands and my feet , "- ANSWER - Jn. 1934,37; + John. 2027 "[34] but one of the soldiers pierced his side with the spear, and at once there came out blood and water. [35] Who see it gives testimony and his testimony is true and he knows that he tells the truth, because you too believe. [36] This fact it took place the Scripture might be fulfilled he will not be broken no bone. [37] and another passage the Scripture says They gaze to him that they have pierced. "
332 PROPHECY [72.of.322] He suffered the agony of Calvary. Psalm 2214-15 "[14] open wide against me their mouths, as a lion that ravening and roaring." ---- Mark 1530-32 "[31] Also The chief priests with the scribes, mocked for him, saying," He saved others, he can not save himself! [32] the Christ, King of Israel descend now from the cross, because we see and believe. "and even those who were crucified with him reviled him." 332 PROPHECY [72.of.322] Soffrì l'agonia sul Calvario. Salmo 2214-15"[14]Spalancano contro di me la loro bocca, come leone che sbrana e ruggisce." ---- Marco 1530-32"[31]Ugualmente anche i sommi sacerdoti con gli scribi, facendosi beffe di lui, dicevano «Ha salvato altri, non può salvare se stesso! [32]Il Cristo, il re d'Israele?, scenda ora dalla croce, perché noi vediamo e crediamo». E anche quelli che erano stati crocifissi con lui lo insultavano."
PROPHECY 45. The Son of God 2 Samuel. 714 "[14] I will be his father and he be my son." - PERFORMANCE-- ANSWER - Luke. 132 "[32​​] will be great and called Son of the Lord God will give him the throne of David his father" PROFEZIA 45. Il Figlio di Dio 2 SaMUELE. 714 "[14]Io gli sarò padre ed egli mi sarà figlio." -- ADEMPIMENTO -- LuCA. 132 "[32]Sarà grande e chiamato Figlio dell'Altissimo; il Signore Dio gli darà il trono di Davide suo padre"
Old Testament prophecies 332 is the [witnesses of the Resurrection] of Jesus, 1. * The Messiah would be born by the seed of Abraham; 2. * The Messiah would be born by the descendants of Isaac; 3 .* The Messiah would be born by the descendants of Jacob; 4. * The Messiah would come down from Judah; 5. * It would be born in Bethlehem; 6. * It would be born in mode supernaturally by a virgin; 7. * They would be forced to flee to Egypt; 8. * The Messiah would have preached in Galilee and the Jordan; 9. * Christ was rejected by his own people; 10 .* Christ, a descendant of Jesse, father of David, He has shown an unusual character;
[[you "came BACK in THE FAITH OF YOUR FATHERS!"]] 11. * It would be entered triumphantly on a donkey in Jerusalem. 12 .* State would be betrayed for thirty pieces of silver; 13. * It was predicted that the money would have been bloody; 14. * It would have been charged by false witnesses; 15. * It would have been silent when they would accuse him During the show trial; 16. * What would you volunteered for the sins of mankind; 17. * What would have been crucified with common criminals; 18. * David, elaborated that hands and feet would be pierced him;  19 .* It would have been mocked, insulted and abused, by the people;
[[you "BACK THE FAITH OF YOUR FATHERS!"]] 20. * What would have been the shame of his nudity; 21. * What would have given him to drink gall and vinegar; 22. * That the ribs would be pierced by a spear (Zachary); 23 .*that would played with dice about on his tunic on his robe; 24. * It would have been buried in the tomb of a rich man; 25. * David, declared his resurrection after his death; 26. * David, declared that would ascend to heaven; 27. * That his message would reach the ends of the earth; FOR THIS SCIENTIFIC PROOF, I MINISTER GOD I demand the CONSENT OF the YOUR FAITH!
[[tu"TORNA ALLA FEDE DEI TUOI PADRI!"]]20. * Che avrebbe avuto la vergogna della nudità; 21. * Che gli avrebbero dato da bere fiele ed aceto; 22. * Che il costato sarebbe stato trafitto da una lancia (Zaccaria); 23.* Che avrebbero tirato a sorte la sua tunica; 24. * Sarebbe stato sepolto nella tomba di un ricco; 25. * Davide, dichiarò la Sua risurrezione dopo la sua morte; 26. * Davide, dichiarò che sarebbe asceso al cielo; 27. * Che il suo messaggio avrebbe raggiunto le estremità della terra; PER QUESTA DIMOSTRAZIONE SCIENTIFICA, IO MINISTRO DI DIO jhwh io PRETENDO L'ASSENSO DELLA TUA FEDE!
4. [witnesses of the Resurrection] 332 prophecy fulfilled by Jesus of Bethlehem AWESOME! The only scientific evidence that Jesus of Nazareth is God! For the statistical POSSIBILITY not fraudulent science can make only 37 of these prophecies is one in 100,000,000,000,000,000. Josh McDowell ["A Ready Defense" (Nashville, Tennessee Thomas Nelson, 1993) page. 210] shows these extraordinary chances "For a person to comply only 48 of these prophecies, the number becomes staggering 1 in 10 chance to centocinquantasettesima power (1 followed from 157 zeros). if you Add at to this all 332 prophecies it becomes impossible for any person, except that, for God, able to match in that particular sequence of events and times. Here you can play very plausibly, your salvation or your damnation! Behold, what was prophesied by 500 at 1500 years before Christ about Jesus of Bethlehem.
4. [witnesses of the Resurrection] 332 PROFEZIE ADEMPIUTE da Gesù di Betlemme ECCEZIONALE! L'unica prova scientifica che Gesù di Nazaret è Dio! Per la scienza statistica la POSSIBILITà truffaldina di poter realizzarne solo 37 di queste profezie è di uno su Josh McDowell [ "A Ready Defense"(Nashville, Tennessee Thomas Nelson, 1993) pag. 210] riporta queste straordinarie probabilità "Affinché una persona possa adempiere 48 di queste profezie, il numero diventa sconcertante 1 possibilità su 10 alla centocinquantasettesima potenza (1 seguito da 157 zeri). Aggiungete a questo le 332 profezie diventa impossibile per qualsiasi persona, tranne che, per Dio, riuscire a corrispondere a quella particolare sequenza di tempi ed eventi. Quì si può giocare molto plausibilmente, la tua salvezza o la tua dannazione! ECCO, COSA fu profetizzato da 500 a 1500 anni prima di Cristo Gesù di Betlemme.



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    @massoni di merda! [i maniaci religiosi: gli zombi massimalisti(fondamentalisti) della Torà: 1. Rabbis farisei of the IMF (Illuminati) and Salafis of Saudi Arabia (Al Queda): hanno un amore potente: tra di loro(dimostrare che satana è il vero Dio di questo mondo): ecco perché: loro stermineranno tutti i popoli: è con sadico compiacimento: che hanno permesso alle: lobby ebraiche e massoniche: la diffusione di ogni perversione sessuale: e di ogni corruzione: per avere la legittimazione: della legge sacra a "puricare" il mondo: attraverso le guerre ed il fuoco atomico!] ovviamente, anche io sono sono un fondamentalista biblico: ed io non muoverò un dito(in vostro favore): se voi non la smetterete di fare i porci!
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    [Rabbis of the IMF (Illuminati) and Salafis of Saudi Arabia (Al Queda): Love Power] @ IsraelNationalTV my friend! Pharisees, the rabbis of the IMF 666? they are the priests of Baal: undercover (ie, of god owl at the Bohemian Grove): maniacs of the Talmud. when they did kill Jesus Christ? God made them all mad here is why: all the genealogies in the paternal line: were lost! and now, because to them, all Jews have become: all bastards! But, this historic event: be the scientific evidence: that: Jesus is truly the Christ, namely, that Jesus is truly the Messiah that Israel was waiting for! namely, That Jesus is truly the Messiah That Israel was waiting for! Therefore, salvation can not be more: set on the law (Torah), but on grace as a simple reward of faith. is why I am King of Israel for love pertanto la salvezza non può più essere impostata sulla legge(Torà), ma sulla grazia: come una semplice ricompensa della fede
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    [Rabbis of the IMF (Illuminati) and Salafis of Saudi Arabia (Al Queda): love power] @IsraelNationalTV mio amico! i rabbini farisei del FMI 666? loro sono: i sacerdoti di Baal: sotto copertura(dio gufo al Bohemian Grove): i maniaci del Talmud? quando hanno fatto uccidere Gesù Cristo? Dio li fece impazzire tutti: ecco perché: tutte le genealogie in linea paterna: andarono perdute! ed ora: per colpa loro: tutti gli ebrei sono diventati: tutti dei bastardi! Ma, questo evento storico: è la dimostrazione scientifica: che: Gesù: è veramente il Cristo; cioè che: Gesù è veramente il Messia che Israele attendeva!
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    [Rabbis of the IMF (Illuminati) and Salafis of Saudi Arabia (Al Queda): love power] "enlightened" of "aspiaino" (which he wants to be the King of Israel) at my lorenzojhwh said: "Marilyn Monroe was not the 'friend, JF Kennedy? ", but, Illuminati, they do not necessarily kill all adulterers! but, only, the adulterers, who do "Executive Order 11110" to remove the bank seigniorage: by the IMF (as the Constitution demands). they must die: immediately! lol. is a blessing for me: that: I am not an adulterer! lol. also because the Torah does not condemn to death those who see a pornographic home movie every three months, like me!
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    @ Masons of shit! [religious maniacs: zombies maximalists (fundamentalists) of the Torah: 1. Pharisees Rabbis of the IMF (Illuminati) and Salafis of Saudi Arabia (Al Queda) have a powerful love: among them (to show that Satan is the true God of this world): here's why: they exterminate all peoples: it is with sadistic pleasure: who, they have allowed: to all Masonic and Jewish lobbies: the provision of any sexual perversion: and all forms of corruption: for legitimacy: the sacred law, to "puricare" the world, through war, and the atomic fire!] course , I am also am a fundamentalist biblical, and I'll not: move a finger (in your favor) if you do not you stop to do the swine!
    [Rabbis of the IMF (Illuminati) and Salafis of Saudi Arabia (Al Queda): Love Power] @ IsraelNationalTV my friend! Pharisees, the rabbis of the IMF 666? They are the priests of Baal: Undercover (ie, of god owl at the Bohemian Grove): maniacs of the Talmud. When They did kill Jesus Christ? God Made Them All mad here is why: all the genealogies in the paternal line: were lost! and now, Because to Them, all Jews Have Become: all bastards! But, this historic event: be the scientific evidence: that: Jesus is truly the Christ, namely, That Jesus is truly the Messiah That Israel was waiting for! namely, That Jesus is truly the Messiah That Israel was waiting for! Therefore, salvation can not be more: Setting On the law (Torah), but on grace as a reward of simple faith. is why I am King of Israel for love
    [Rabbis of the IMF (Illuminati) and Salafis of Saudi Arabia (Al Queda): love power] "enlightened" of "aspiaino" (which he wants to be the King of Israel) at my lorenzojhwh said: "Marilyn Monroe was not the 'friend, JF Kennedy? ", but, Illuminati, they do not necessarily kill all adulterers! but, only, the adulterers, who do "Executive Order 11110" to remove the bank seigniorage: by the IMF (as the Constitution demands). they must die: immediately! lol. is a blessing for me: that: I am not an adulterer! lol. also because the Torah does not condemn to death those who see a pornographic home movie every three months, like me! 
    MarlaMarleen --- 1. Registration canceled: 2. withdrawn friendship! In fact, I'm not the enemy of the Germans: or the enemy of any peoples!- my charisma is simple! I did not stop to analyze the cause of the 1000 failures, that have been made​​: as, a red herring; from the real issue: that is, the root of all evil in the world! ie: the religious maniacs of the IMF (Pharisees rabbis of the Talmud) and the Salafist Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia! because: their love was a love at first sight! they are the legalists of the holy book (Torah), which is why they have condemned to death: Jews and Israelis (because the law has no mercy)! how they could have compared to us, who we are goyim: that, we are only animals from the human form?