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Christian Martyr
@StanHowser Haha. Satan is not pinned in hell. How could he have done everything he did to Job if he's in hell, how could he have been brought to god by the angels if he was pinned in hell? He is active, trying to attack all Christians every where.
If I was that guy I would of denied Christ and then pray for his forgiveness afterward.
@StanHowser I understand what you are saying simply because of your level of faith. Unfortunately Many of us would deny him, even if we say we wouldnt. But to say God would have denounced his son, THE SON, is by far out of line.
If this is the future of the Church then we should be proud. In past times many true believers were killed for their faith. How many were stoned, beaten, fed to animals, burned, sawed in half, crucified, and starved. They were men and women to good for this earth. All of them lived lives that glorified God, and died for him as well. I believe both parts have importance. I God's eyes martyrs have a special place.
@alielbaryeshua I already know this.
I do see the truth, I'm right you're wrong
Christ himself forgave his apostle for denying him. He doesn't want you to martyr yourself. Every one who martyrs themselves in Jesus' name cheapen his act of scapegoating. All your future sins are forgiven through his long weekend of death. If you truely believe in the word of Christ you would stop taking responsibility for your actions!
if i had a black man shooting a white man would that change it? but then you might say 'once again the black man looked down upon as violent' its a lose/lose situation, guess i have to get white people shooting white people, i didn't mean to be racist in making this short clip, i just had a mate how wanted to act in my film so i used him. Have a nice day
I am crying rght now. I praise God for his life, he's with the Lord.
@StanHowser If thats what you would truly don't understand christianity. You have to be willing to die for the cause and NEVER deny christ on ANY accasion..even if it means your death!
guys........ this is clearly real
...of pleasure in this world that you love so much.
sssrooo ..thanks for the prayer... we continue to pray to all christian in athe muslim and communist countries...i was cried when i saw all the christian leave in a muslim coutries they never treat them equally...
Never deny Christ.
@bloomingdedalus Because God is our life. He is all that matters to us. I know it may be hard for you to understand. It too was hard for me to understand once.
was this a real shooting?
You are wasting your time every day I can't exist without being asked o change my ways or convert I don't want to!
Its a context thing, God calls all men every where to repent and believe in the Gospel. The word repent means to change your mind about your sin and God takes you out of your sin. Rikudemyxdert Is in sin as I was before God saved me. But if I tell him he doesn't need to repent than I am lying to him. (He is gay) Thus my statement from the book of proverbs.. What basis are you getting the whole idea of Sex=marriage. What verse can you point me too?
I pray that American Christians will develop this kind of endurance and faith. Thank-you for the video.
@StanHowser Your father is obviously a terrible pastor and has taught you nearly nothing of any value from the Bible. God rebuke him and you. "But anyone who denies Me here on earth, I will deny before God." (Luke 12:9) Why are you even a Christian at all? Because of Hell? Because you were raised in it? I'll tell you why I'm a Christian: I found God, and His Spirit convicted my heart and made me a new creation through Christ, and I'd gladly die for Him any day. I hope you live a long life o
It's still happening today, all over the world. Don't believe me? Read DC Talks book Jesus Freaks and see how many recent accounts of Martyrs there are
@naremorect But I still ask for forgiveness. God will forgive me, regardless.
@BenedictusDeus what does the bible say about the new jerusalem the name of the tribes of israel will be at every gate so if jews are so bad then god is going to be really a mean jew cause you will read there names all the time jesus was a jew come on its crazy to teach that replacement theology as a matter of fact jesus said father forgive them they know not what they do if he hadnt died he couldnt claim i was slain b4 the foundations of the earth if they hadnt rejected him no salvation 4u huh
Ok, God told me to and I did. Do know this, your rebellion is not against snob nosed self-righteous Christians. It's against the one true and only God and his Son, Jesus Christ. M May God grant you repentance.
christians got balls huh!
Precisely. Christians martyrs are those who die for their faith and because of their beliefs. They are not suicide bombers. Heathens put them to death because of their faith in Jesus Christ. The muslims who claim to be martyrs are agents of Satan. They will not end up in Heaven. They will land in Hell for what they have done.
That guy was idiot for not denying christ. My father is a youth pastor so if I was out in that situation I would of denying christ and then pray for forgiveness afterwards. God will understand because if he were put in that situation her would of denied Jesus too. You feel me?
Christians who die for their faith are true martyrs. The muslims who claim to be martyrs are nothing more than agents of Satan.
@BenedictusDeus May you be blessed in the same manner you bless others. May Y'SHUA Ha'MASHIACH guide, direct, and bless you accordingly. Shalom.
@kheroot I dont even hate muslims. I see them the same way I see other people of faith. Its the quran, their book, I have a problem with. Its the book that commands the killing of infedels and jews. Muslim clerics would have a hard time convincing muslims to kill IF IT WERE NOT ALREADY COMMANDED IN THE QURAN.
@0wnage55885 There is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death
@alielbaryeshua That is a big difference, but I would like to point out that most muslims are mislead, they don't realize they are actually working against Christ, not many are as lucky as Walid Sheobat and have the truth revealed to them. They need prayer and truth!
It looks kinda fake, but it shows what is happening in other countries. May God give such strength to those persecuted believers, saying "no" when asked to deny Christ or die.
Is this real? Its set up infront of a random wall. The blak dude looks like hes acting. and there just has to be a random camera?
@bloomingdedalus you really need to grow up the whole raping yong kids thing is getting old. I will be praying for you
That was awesome! Nice job.
@urheadonastick Muslims don't deny Christ, only his crucifixion. So I don't think they could ask you to deny him.
I know that sounds mean but I am tired of repainting Jesus to make people like Him and us more. If we do not share the need to repent than people will never turn from their sin and will die in their sin.
Hope so I cant stand the cold hell is nice and toasty
i am proud of those who dont deny christ and give there lives for the cause of reaching the lost.every day people around the the world are wrisking there lives for there faith while some countrys give freedom to preach the gospel.christians dont be afraid to speak out. tell people about jesus and what he did on the cross.
I agree so much on that. It is an exception to the rule the peace that western Christians currently have.
well if you had sex you already are spiritually married, so get married "legally". Who said you're going to hell for getting married?
Shooting some one in the head?....Yes
@GTCism Satan had nothing to do with Islam/Muslim, he is in confined in hell. Islam and Muslim religions were started by God to challenge the Christians.
Have you guys, thought of making an end times movie?
What does THAT have to do with anything? You may need to check which way you're headed yourself, if you can say such hurtful things to people our Lord commanded us to teach and love through example.
@StanHowser experience will always outweigh theories... sat*n walks among us... Support Da War aGAINST sAtan, "fear not, for I have overcome the World"- Jesus The Christ
O.o Christian dude didn't even get up and shuffle for the lord first? =/
yeah, thats one of my favorite verses.. are you directing that verse towards me or at me? because if at me.. I'm implying that once you have sex you are technically spiritually married. and you don't go to hell for sinning.. as someone here implied.. for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. some people just don't seem to believe in forgiveness.
Better it is to rule in hell then to sere in heaven.
@horseman528 its fake dumbass
people who want vengeance shall get it. the vengeance will the conversion of people coming to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. This man was victorious, and was celebrated by the Lord, no doubt. The Lord showed me that these people are very beautiful, for not loving their lives, even to the death.
Ok, I hope other men's butt wholes are worth an eternity in the lake of fire to you. Have fun, because this life is all you will receive.
when west had started challenging the Christianity on the base of science they developed.....that was the answer to the blind faith.....500 years ago.... now how the question arise.....
slow down cowboy, your acting like I'm on the bad side, I thought riku was a girl, not a guy. So I don't want to argue here. lets not judge ;) and you have to remember, people still sin, Christians or not, its best to show love to non christians rather than point a finger. Matthew 7:3 Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?
This is a very POWERFUL video. The visual message indicates a barrage of implications, not my 1st choice. However, the spiritual message is extremely clear & true. In the end we've only 2 choices, ELOHIM or the devil. No one gets out of this life alive. Be wise, follow ELOHIM & love HIM with all of your hearts, souls, & minds then love others as yourselves. Impressive video, well done. May Y'SHUA bless, guide, & direct us all upon HIS narrowing path while we endure all for HIM. <(^8
Over many years we have all been lied to by our Govts. Not just our Govts but by Religous Leaders. We have been taught things that are not in Scripture & many have swallowed many lies by these false prophets. If you are a truth seeker please visit the web site which is displayed in our user name & take the time to read some of the articles.You will be shocked. THERE IS A GREAT AUDIO FOR YOU TO LISTEN TO. You WILL COME AWAY ASKING MANY QUESTIONS. REAL SHOCKING. Blessings as you seek truth Ben
you, your god, and his son are all wasting time, I won't change.
@bloomingdedalus Christ is the King.
BTW if you were strait you would still be on your way to hell. "there is no difference, all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God". Being strait doesn't mean your saved. We all must repent and believe in the Gospel to be saved. Christ paid for the sins of those who believe in Him. My point is, Your sin is not worse than my sin but if you do not turn from your sin and believe in Son of God, then when you die, You will die in your sins and you will spend forever paying that off.
Difference between Muslim and Christian Martyres: Christian: Killed for not denying christ. Muslim: Dies while bombing a school bus full of infedel children. BIG DIFFERENCE
I'm well aware that Yahweh is a God of war. I am also aware of the way he reached out to those who were lost. As much as He gave warning to people who were not of the Way, He did it in a loving manner. Your words (in the comment I originally responded to) seemed to have been written with the intention of tearing down another person. Edification and warning do not require the emotional hurt of others. We as Christians should try to exhibit the kind of family he'd like to be a part of.
So much for the religion of peace. Dear Lord, please be with the family of this brave man who died for the testamony of Christ.
a beautiful soul!
@StanHowser They will kill you when you deny him and though Christ will forgive you. I dont think you want to take that chance.
Apparently people just don't read the description/author comments...
Was this real ??
well seeming that in the description it says SFX (which stands for special effects) video its probably not real
Never fear those who can kill the body, but can't touch the soul.
That's what I call REAL martyrdom, not when you are killing for something that promices a slothful brothel in the sky.
so is this fake? i know it happens
@TheCompurgator: How right you are.
i know that the guy that was killed will go to heaven...
@tankbcoolio its definitely not real. it happens all the time though.
@netta2158 You are not a true Christian talking about 'Elohim' and 'Yeshua'. You are one of those deceiver Jews, murderers of God, robbers and destroyers of His Holy Church.
SO my being gay will lead me to death? REAL christian attitude and you wonder why we don't go to church even if I wanted to be christian your attitude would totally turn me off to it. Cant you see you're not saving people you're scaring them off! Let he among you without sin be the first to condemn One of MY favorite verses.
Is this any diffrent then christians in america saying me and my boyfriend cant marry, each time I'm told I'm going to hell because of who I am it's like a bullet.

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